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In my mind many things can happen. Mean we can take a trip back into the past and shine some light on what we did not see and would have like to have been able to see. Take a trip forward to see what their future holds. Either way what I may do with this

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    About La'Chambre

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    Welcome to LaChambre de Passion

    As many of you know from the blog, we hit a snag during the first attempt at opening my website. Over time I tried to get the site back up and running, but it’s hard to put your heart and soul into something that can be shut down again over a silly mistake. So with that in mind, I searched and planned and later decided to try again, but on a completely different host. At least until I can afford to purchase and host my own domain, where I can roam around as I please and not have to worry about anything but how to bring in more members.

    If you are familiar with the blog, here is no different, except a lot more freedom. For those who are new to all things LaChambre De Passion, let me tell you what it's about and how it came to be.
    I am a huge fan of AMC's supercouple Angie and Jesse Hubbard! Even though the show is no longer on, my love for them has not wavered and I don't see it happening anytime soon, as this was and still is a powerful couple! When Angie and Jesse returned to the screen I joined a website that catered to the couple and I began to write stories, along with other fans. As time went on I became very serious about my writing and began to do more and more. During AMC's decline and later cancellation the site remained opened but not as popular as before and I wanted to bring it back! So I created a blog and later a site (That was unfortunately deleted, but has gratefully returned). My sole purpose for creating the blog and now site is to get more fans out of the woodworks! Not only fans of Angie and Jesse, but fans of great stories! I also created this site because I want my AnJ fans to read my original work and I want my other readers to read my AnJ work. Another reason, I want everybody who loves to write and just are afraid to share with everybody and want to share with a select few, I want to give you that option.

    And I have one more reason… As time continues on, I plan to have my own original writing on book shelves sometime in the near future and I want you all to be a part of the entire process. And of course I have some other things in store, but as of now I will not divulge until I have all the information and particulars!

    Passion K, where did LaChambre De Passion come from? What in the heck does it mean?

    While I go by Ro, JnA08, Team JnA, my official penname is Passion K.
    I love everything about passion! Whether it be sensual passion, passionate conversations, passions to reach goals, I'm all about it!
    The K, well it's my middle initial!

    LaChambre, means Chamber in French.
    I put them together and I came up with Passion's Chamber, which is my chamber of passion and translated it to LaChambre De Passion.
    Not exciting to some, but great to me! LOL

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