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In my mind many things can happen. Mean we can take a trip back into the past and shine some light on what we did not see and would have like to have been able to see. Take a trip forward to see what their future holds. Either way what I may do with this

    Passion's Rules



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    Passion's Rules

    Post by Admin on Fri Jan 08, 2016 2:43 pm

    Hello to everyone who decides to join this hopefully fabulous site.

    Now, while this is my place and I am not strict there are a few rules I ask that you all abide by. Nothing scary or anything, but very serious and they are only in place to make this place a fun and comfortable hang-out.

    Basic Rules

    1. Be nice!
    Don’t bash the authors, the readers, the characters, the actors or the soaps. If you have nothing nice to say then please don’t say anything at all. Please don’t bash the authors as they have worked hard on what they’re posting and I know some are a little nervous about posting for the first time. Criticism is always good, but there is a certain way you say things. If you can’t get your point across without hurting somebody’s feelings, please just don’t say anything at all.

    2. No harassing.
    While stories may be great and you’re just feenin for an update, please be mindful that people have lives outside of PassionK’s loft and therefore can’t really commit to updating on a daily basis. Besides coming up with good ideas and wording takes times.

    3. Please do not post spam on the site or in the chat.

    4. No stealing
    Anybody else’s work, from here or anywhere else. Any word of such actions will lead to termination from this site for good.

    5. If you are writing fan fiction, please use a disclaimer at the top. Make sure you acknowledge that these characters (Angie and Jesse, etc...) are not yours personally. Though everybody here will know, we don’t want to cause any trouble for anybody.

    6. If you are writing an original story please put something in the beginning saying something like “This is the work of (Put your own name or a pen name you would like to go by.)”

    7. If you choose to co-write with somebody please acknowledge it. Put in the beginning of the story something like “This is the work of Sue and Billy Bob.” If there’s more than 2 put their name as well.

    8. Speaking of co-writing, if you are looking to co-write with somebody please send them a message. Don’t just assume that they will be okay with it. (Unless of course it is writing game, but we'll get into that later on.)

    9. No heavy cursing or use of nasty words. Damn, hell and probably a$$ is as bad as we can get. Please don’t use the Female and Male genitals straight up words While many people may not be bothered with the use of such words, let’s not use them for the sake of those who are not comfortable with them.

    10. And while on the subject… If your story has some mature natures included, please say so. It's not allowed through out the forum to get into the nitty gritty, but I also don't want anybody to feel uncomfortable reading. Going back to rule 9, while some may like to read down and passionate scenes, many others are probably more prone to a simple kiss here and there and the illusion that something is going on. Now I’m not saying don’t write the love scene, but please let the people know the rating and please be mindful of the language you're using.

    Site Ways Rules

    While I have put that all stories are accepted, this place is still catering to Debbi and Darnell based characters, whether it be Angie and Jesse, Harmony and Sarge, whatever, we are still fully catering to DnD.

    Now… Ro, but you said all stories, but we can’t post any other stories including other characters, what can we post?

    Like I said above, any and all Debbi and Darnell characters are welcome.

    Angela Hubbard
    Jesse Hubbard
    Jacob Foster
    Harmony Hamilton
    Ellen Burgess (Port Charles)
    Griggs (Guiding Light)
    Chantal (Generations)

    And stories of your own creation. Meaning, non-soap stories in which you have created on your own. Own characters, plots, whatever, as long as it’s an original piece. (I love many other soap characters just as much as the next person, but I’m mainly about my DnD characters when it comes to the soap world.)

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